Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sunday Service.... as comfortable as going to work

This past Sunday while attending services it came to me; "I attend church as naturally as I get up in the morning for work." I was filled with joy with the sudden realization that I came to church on that morning without thinking twice. The difference between work and church is that I'm attending church not out of some obligation or religious ritual, but rather attending something that I enjoy doing and it wasn't difficult or a burden. In the past, I had this burden to attend church and if I didn't then I felt guilty as if I missed some type of merit in heaven. I have found myself in a place where I thorough enjoy attending church and various church activities throughout the week; and it's not out of obligation but out of a sense of enjoyment and pleasure. If I miss a service now, I feel the loss for missing what I enjoy versus the guilt associated with an obligation. It's a great place to be when I enjoy the presence of the Lord and the brothers and sisters the Lord has brought me to fellowship with.


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