Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Sacred Sandwhich... When You Suddenly Realize that they're Laughing at You

I got an anonymous tip that I would enjoy this site, The Sacred Sandwhich . I visited the site and thought it was a hoot. Sometimes I think you just have to laugh at yourself from time to time and the Christian Community does a great job of setting themselves up for a good laugh. The Sacred Sandwhich is an equal opportunity offender and if you're a stiff conservative who thinks that humor is watching Pat Robertson's 700 Club, then this site is for you (even if you're not you may enjoy it anyhow).

Everyone is in scope and nothing is sacred but the Word of God. Their disclaimer reads as such:

"As one might surmise, the League of Tyndale and The Sacred Sandwich do not officially exist, except in the peculiar mind of its creator, Chris Carmichael. This publication (and the organization behind it) is nothing more than lighthearted parody of current Christian issues, produced to invoke and honor the spirit of bygone days when Christian organizations such as this were committed to grounding themselves fully in the standard of God's word, and were not ashamed to stand firm for the sake of the true Gospel.

Do not be misled, however, in thinking that the satirical framework of this project implies a lack of real biblical truth. The editorial content of our site is not a joke. All the articles, as well as many of the parodies, are dead serious in their purpose of proclaiming sola Scriptura to the postmodern church in a biblical and factual way. Despite the tongue-in-cheek style, The Sacred Sandwich's main objective is to herald the sufficiency of Scripture as one of the surest means in which the visible Church might humble herself to God's will and enjoy true spiritual revival.
Indeed, our satire might have an edge, but it is that edge which often cuts more quickly to the marrow of the truth.

We invite you, therefore, to join us in this creative experiment by taking our noble cause seriously in the midst of our whimsy. Return with us to the days of the small town church and their simple faith in Jesus Christ, where the world has not yet encroached upon their thinking and theology. Consider the possibility that the League of Tyndale truly exists, at least in our hearts, and that The Sacred Sandwich is their humble effort to bring forth His truth for the glory of God alone.

Won't you please join us in this fight?"

Other sections I enjoyed on The Sacred Sandwhich:


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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

$2 for a meal... 2 cents for your thoughts...

I ran into this article and it sparked a thought I had about a discussion I had with my wife about the topic of giving to the homeless.

New Attitude: Humble Orthodoxy
$2 dollars for the homeless -

I thought I would add my thoughts...

Sometime down the line I got in my head that giving money to someone on the street was wrong because they might do something bad with the money like buy drugs or alcohol rather than attending to basic needs. Here's a thought, "sometimes you give money and the person doesn't buy drugs or alcohol". Perhaps giving money means more than the monitary value and despite what the money is used for, the message of caring for the person may mean more than anything the person can buy. Perhaps giving to the person is as much a ministry to you as it to them.

Over the years I've created plenty of excuses and when it comes to taking care of my neighbors, I'm afraid I'm just falling short. I don't think the answer is easy and I don't believe there is one right choice but what I do believe is that taking care of those around us is central to the heart of God. It's easy for me to consider the words of Jesus when he says, "'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'" ( Matthew 25:40 ), when I'm giving to the poor from the left overs of the lunch I just had but how many times do I pull up to the traffic light and make sure I don't come in eye contact with the person who's hobbling up holding the cardboard sign and think of Jesus' other words when he says, "'I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.'" ( Matthew 25:45 - emphasis is mine) Jesus' words here send a chill up my spine and it motivates me to action because of my love for Him but the next verse (v. 46) is a picture we should all take to heart and not take lightly. Verse 46 states, "'Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.'" ( Matthew 25:46 - emphasis is mine ) The point here isn't to highlight salvation based on works but rather to show how important this is to our Savior that we take care of those around us. It's the heart of God that we take care of those needing clothes, shelter, food and any other basic need of life and between you and me, I want to make certain that when I look around me in heaven I'm standing among the sheep. (Full passage: Matthew 25:31-46 ).

... and that's my .02 cents for my thought.

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